Topband: [Bulk] Re: Elimination of Treadmill RFI on 160 meters

Grant Saviers grants2 at
Thu Jan 29 18:50:12 EST 2015

Pretty hard to find a box with the volume you need and already cut for 
outlets.  What I do for large size line filters is use a plastic 
junction box from Home Depot (Carlon or Thomas & Betts).  They come 
4x4x2, 4x4x4, 6x6x4 and larger.  Then a pigtail out to a standard outlet 
box of any type you desire and in with a power cord with plug.  Use 
rubber grip cable or Kellems strain reliefs on both cords from HD or 
McMaster or Grainger.

Grant KZ1W

On 1/29/2015 10:23 AM, Carl Clawson wrote:
> Nice to hear all the comments, recommendations, and indeed some success
> stories here. I too have a treadmill problem. Although I'm blessed with a
> radio-friendly spouse who always asks before she starts it up, I'd like to
> add a line filter. Ferrites on the cord don't by themselves squelch it.
> Murphy dictates that the new one will show up when she's in the middle of
> her workout.
> How about some outlet box recommendations?
> The electrics are not the hard part for me, it's the mechanics. I've been
> looking for a suitable box to mount it all in and coming up kind of dry.
> Maybe I'm not looking for the right keywords. Seems simple, a box with a
> cutout for two 120VAC outlets and enough room inside for a line filter and
> some toroids. A strain relief clamp would be a big plus but something else
> can always be worked out for that. In the past I've bolted a surface mount
> outlet box to another project box but it's kinda big and ugly, and more
> expensive than it ought to be.
> 73 and thanks in advance,
> Carl WS7L
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