Topband: Logged Date Question

Jim - WS6X ws6x.ars at
Fri Jan 30 17:28:38 EST 2015

Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2015 08:26:58 -0800
From: Tree <tree at>
To: 160 <topband at>
Subject: Re: Topband: NE7D loaded tower

I do have one question about remote operating...  if I am on an airplane
using this station during a contest - and travel over the international date
line - what date do I put in the log?

==== Cute question, Tree. Asking the question another way... If you were
flying in an eastward direction, and the contest began on January 31, at
0000, you quickly made 2 Qs, but at 0001 you crossed the IDL, would you have
to wait nearly 24 hours to resume the contest? :o)

However since you abide by a high ethical standard, and are operating a
remote station, you would have known to abide by the UTC date of the remote

73 - Jim, WS6X 

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