Topband: Snap and seal F connectors

George Dubovsky at
Sat May 9 05:59:33 EDT 2015

Hi Bob,

Yes, they can be, but when you're all done, you'll wonder why you went to
the trouble. Firstly, they are difficult to remove, in that the wedge
locking mechanism at the back is really good at its job. You will have to
devise some sort of "tool" to force the plastic part back away from the
body of the connector. Second, there is a sealing O-ring around the plastic
wedge that might be damaged in the effort and, even if it survives, it
likely has taken a set over its life that would make reuse questionable.

I have reused a few in a pinch, but I always weather-proofed them with tape
afterwards, assuming they weren't as good as new. And I immediately ordered
another bag of 50 from the auction site so I wouldn't have to do *THAT*
again... ;-)


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> Hi unfortunately our rx array was destroyed by rodents chewing away the
> RG6 cable so It's going to need rebuilding with PVC conduit. Does anyone
> know if snap and seal F connectors can be re-used?
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