Topband: New user, some advice needed.

Petronel Postolache yo8sep at
Mon Dec 19 08:49:44 EST 2016


I got my first ham license 2 years ago, and because I couldn't install an
antenna at home, I've worked mostly portable (SOTA, WWFF activations).

In February 2016 participated on CQ 160 SSB from YR8E and got the
"contesting virus". So, I've started to built a QTH at my parents home,
about 1 hour drive from where I live.

The location is about 30x40m (100x130 feet) in a small town. The plans is
something like this :

So far I've build a small tower 12m (40') with a triband yagi for 20/15/10m
For 40m band I have a 1/4 vertical with 4 elevated radial.

With not so much space, not sure what I can build for 80m and especially
for 160m.
- Inverted L, 20m Al telescoing pipe + 20m slopping wire ?
- Vertical Al telescoping pipe 27m and some coil matching at the base ?
The problem is that a big part of the area is vineyard or other infield.
Can't install 30-60 radials, probably can install some elevated radials or
FCP. What other options I have?

For receiving I'm thinking for a vertical loop/flag, or even a vertical
Waller Flag.

Thank you in advance.


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