Topband: New user, some advice needed.

W0MU Mike Fatchett w0mu at
Mon Dec 19 14:30:37 EST 2016

Check out DX Engineering.  They sell a vertical that uses 3 top hat 
wires.  Sloping back down is ok.  For 80/160 you need to stop the 80m 
energy with a coil/trap  My 80 uses a very fast taper and the top is 
only 3/8 inch or less so It cannot support a coil or t wires.  I 
probably should have planned that out better.  I was also going to try 
to phase two 80 elements over time but that will not happen any time soon.

With all the metal in the yard the AY loop may not work very well.  
Waller Flag on the roof maybe.  I would love one.


On 12/19/2016 12:24 PM, Petronel Postolache wrote:
> I can try to put a 21-22m (68-70 foot) telescopic aluminium pole, made 
> from pipes 2" to 1" diameter.
> It will be a bit too long for 1/4 on 80m. I can put a T top hat or run 
> an InvL, but probably need to slope it from 70 foot to about 40 foot. 
> What will be better ? and will I be able to match/use the antenna on 
> 80m also ?
> About K9AY, I understood that the loop is influenced by close metal 
> objects, and the property is full of wire fences, vineyard rows and 
> other "metal" structures. That's why i was thinking about using some 
> flag/loop at 10 feet or more above ground.
> 73, Petronel
> 160 and 80 will be difficult. Can you get another vertical up about 60 
> feet? You can top load that with a trap for 80 and have "t" wires at 
> the top that also act as guy wires. You can also bottom load for 160 
> and maybe that will be good enough for you. Radials whatever you can 
> do will help.An Inverted L with about 50ft of vertical will work 
> ok....If you can keep the horizontal end up in the air around the same 
> height or more. It doesn't sound like you have any tall trees to work 
> with.For receiving I have been very impressed with a K9AP loop. 25 ft 
> up and about 15 feet out at the corners. It does not take up much 
> space and you can reverse the direction easily with a relay. A flag or 
> pennant will work too. You can never have enough rcv or xmit antenna! HI!
> Welcome to the club!
> W0MU

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