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Herbert Schoenbohm herbert.schoenbohm at
Thu Feb 25 12:28:58 EST 2016

You probably worked a remote station as I doubt the trip to Italy from 
New Mexico with 55 watts is not probable.   I have a log book full of of 
mainly Italian stations who use this method to get a QSO even when their 
location is in full daylight.  The whole values over the years of 160 
meter DXing is slowly being eroded by  this pay to play scheme.

Herb, KV4FZ

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> Last night was a pleasant surprise.  I started off by working IF9ZWA at 0549.  His signal came up out nowhere quickly.  I reached over to turn on 3 minutes of agony (tube warm-up) and decided to call him barefoot.  A quick QSO resulted  (he was S7) then I realized I had the K3 power set to drive my amp.  The QSO was made with 55W.  He peaked a few minutes later at S9 on the K3 meter.  Definite SR enhancement
> About 0715 I hear stations calling someone thinking it might be A35T.  Finally about 0735 I begin to hear very weak CW on 1821.5 and finally worked them at 0745Z.  The amp was in play, it had remained on.
> TX/RX ant is 1/4wl sloper.
> Arne N7KA
> DM65
> New Mexico
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