Topband: New Noise

Bob Garrett rgarrett5 at
Sun Jan 3 08:06:31 EST 2016



Approximately ten days ago, I experienced increased noise primarily on 160
meters.  After troubleshooting my HI-Z 4 square, I found that the noise was
coming from the NW and is being introduced in to the 4 el array making it
useless to hear weak signals.  I also have a 100 meter DXE bi-directional
beverage.  The noise level on that antenna is up too but still functioning.
My RBOG antennas remain quiet.  One more interesting observation before I
pose a few questions to the collective wisdom of this group.  On 80 meters,
the 4 square and beverage are still working FB.  Since I haven't spent as
much time on 80, I'm not sure if there has been an increase in the noise
floor on that band however, they certainly don't have the increased noise
I'm seeing on Topband.  


Yes, I have checked every component of the 4 square array and everything
checks out FB.  


So, my thought is someone in the neighborhood got a new electronic gismo for
Christmas.  When I listen on the 400 KHZ band, I hear some huge signals
anytime day or night.  Comparing sounds from the ARRL site, I'm thinking a
light dimmer, phone charger or a dirty wall wort.  


My friend Scott, K2CUB will be here in approximately a week and he has some
good noise sniffing equipment.  Now, for the questions:


1.        If I find a noisy wall wort, will clip on torrids help suppress
the hash or does it need to be changed out with a new one? 

2.       Regarding light dimmers, what is the resolution for those devices.

3.       How about plasma TV?

Any other input appreciated.  I never knew just how quiet my QTH was until
now HI.  73 and HNY Bob K3UL

4.       something new  

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