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Mon Jan 4 00:48:17 EST 2016

I, too, have to agree with Larry, K5RK. From my location in NTX in a noisy
urban area I struggle to hear any 160m DX (using an SAL-20 RX antenna).
Last week there was a thread about a "Huge NA-EU opening last night". I had
to chuckle because I heard nothing. I know there are other Texas stations
(like K5RK) that can hear a pin drop on 160 but as for me IF I can hear any DX I
have to be the only one calling. In a contest situation my chances are slim to
none of even hearing the DX much less working them because there will always
be a contest pileup.

As a point of reference I have worked 5 (five!) European station this season,
and 0 (zero!) Asian stations on 160m. (And I am up every morning 1-2
hours before
SR for Asia.)

So, to my point. If one of those 10 days of contesting corresponds to
the one day
there is an opening strong enough for me to hear/work a DX station then I will
have no chance of making a contact. I agree that a contest-free zone at the
bottom of the band is a good idea for consideration.


Kris N5KM

PS, I do participate in the 160m contests but only casually for the reasons
given above.

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Well, since it is a public forum I have to side with Larry on this.  I am a
contester and enjoy mostly top band operating but I would have to agree that
too much of a good thing gets old quick.  It used to be that you looked
forward to the SP, but warm-ups, pre-warmups etc. seem to carry the theme
too far.
- Joe K8FC

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> Fortunately participation is not mandatory for those who have had enough.

Ah, but that's exactly my point. Those with a limited or no interest in this
event DO have to "participate" in it by virtue of the additional weekend of
chaos that it causes.

- Larry K5RK


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