Topband: Stew's Beef

Mort mort.g2jl at
Tue Jan 5 18:33:22 EST 2016

GE & HNY 1

This might be relevant;  read on !

I work one or two in these 5NN shenanigans known as 'Contests',  because I've found somebody I want to work for other reasons.  I won't bore U with those, but if U R curious, might help. 

On getting a desperate E-mail form someone who'd called me,  during my annual 6-months' stay on a remote Greek island in the Dodecanese (SV5) I learned something.  He needed me to make so many countries (bad,  non-PC word;  I should say 'Entities') in some foul contest he'd been in.  He stood fair to win his section,  but the adjudicators,  in their wisdom,  deemed the QSO invalid because I was the only,  sole,  unique reference to "SV5/G2JL" in all the logs,  THEREFORE,  he was a liar.  This annoyed me so much,  I both E-mailed & snail-mailed those adjudicators,  but he lost his claim.

So,  the moral of this is: "submit UR logs".

Unfortunately,  though I am literate in English English,  and manual telegraphy,  I am as a four-month-old brat in computing & still am stuck with my old DOS logger.  I can't face typing 60+ years' work into a modern program that takes a day to load in Window$,  but you fellows can export an ADIF log with ease,  even for one QSO.  Either that,  or don't make contest QSOs.

73 -  Mort,  G2JL

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