Topband: JD1BMH

Kris Mraz n5kilomike at
Wed Jan 6 02:14:01 EST 2016

I was just lamenting in my last post that I hadn't worked any DX on
160m this season.
Then this morning the propagation spotlight shown on N TX. Incredibly
strong signals
from Asia. JD1BMH, HL5IVL and several JAs logged. RX antenna is an SAL-20 (with
the original preamp) feeding an FTdx5000. Amp is 500w.

Anecdote: I almost missed the opening. Monday I found several chewed
spots on the SAL-20
feedline. I cut out the bad spots then realized I didn't have enough
crimp on connectors. By this
time it was getting dark and chilly so I *almost* decided to wait
until Tuesday afternoon when it
would be warmer to finish the repair. But I ultimately decided to
forge ahead and got the job done.
I would have been kicking myself had I missed the opening.


Kris N5KM

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Wow! I heard Harry this AM for the first time ever! Unfortunately, he was weak
and in the noise most
of the time. Here's hoping propagation makes it's way a bit further north soon.

73, Roger N1RJ

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