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Wed Jan 6 17:21:11 EST 2016

Thanks Mike et al. 

QRZ says K0HA has dismantled his station and cannot find email address for K0KPH. 

Looks like I will have to try the CQ160 CW unless some other Nebraska ststion steps up to the plate. 

73 Jim K7EG 

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Hello Jim - 

(no, I'm not in NE, sorry, I'm in MN) 
Don't know if they're on this list, but I have K0HA and K0KPH both on 
LoTW from recent 160m contests. GL. 

Mike Cizek WØVTT 

On 06-Jan-16 13:31, James Denneny wrote: 
> I need Nebraska confirmation to complete 160WAS. I worked a station in 2015 
> but, it appears he does not qsl after sending SASE and two email followups. 
> Is there a Nebraska 160M station out there willing to setup a sked? 
> Confirmation by either LOTW or card works for me. Appreciate the help? 
> Jim K7EG 
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