Topband: an antenna problem

w7dra at w7dra at
Sun Jan 10 17:25:27 EST 2016

i normally run a half wave inverted L, 125 up and 125 out. with our great
winds here in the pac north west this December, my inverted L got caught
in a tree about 50 feet from  the supporting tree i cannot pull the wire
down from either end.

two options: 1)take the far end and add a bit (60 feet) and make it a
very fat quarter wave or 2) hopefully pull the loose end (far end) and
break it up at the tangle in the interfering tree that is about 50 feet
away from the supporting tree

now i would have a pretty long inverted L with a short horiz end, maybe
then it would be a 3/8 wave antenna.

pulling it all down would be difficult..............

the original inserted L was fed against an FCP


mike w7dra
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