Topband: Update on 1814 kHz mystery signal

John Kaufmann john.kaufmann at
Wed Jan 13 14:12:02 EST 2016

I received a number of replies on the subject of the mystery CW/QRSS signal
that I've been hearing every day on 1814.0 kHz. It's strong at my QTH just
west of Boston.   Most people don't hear it and some do hear something but I
don't think it's what I am hearing.


Here is some additional info.  I hear the signal every morning from ~1100Z
through sunrise (currently ~1215Z), after which I shut down.  The other
morning HL5IVL was on 1814 but that frequency was totally blocked for me by
this signal.   I do not hear it during the first part of the evening from
sunset through about ~0300Z.  This pattern repeats every single day.


I am beginning to think the source is indeed within groundwave range of me.
This is because I see very little QSB on the signal when it is there.  I
hear it on several different antennas, include two amplified systems with
short verticals, my TX vertical (not amplified), and a low horizontal
dipole.  Interestingly it's far weaker on the dipole than the vertical
antennas, maybe because the low dipole has poor groundwave response.


If there are folks in the New England area, particularly MA, CT, or RI,
please take a listen if you are able.  This would help me determine how
local the problem is to me.


73, John W1FV

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