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Thu Jan 14 16:33:31 EST 2016

Herb and Topbanders

I, too, heard K5P on TB well after my sunrise here in San Diego...about 25 minutes past SR.  In fact, the K5P signal on TB was better than it was on 80M.  I witnessed some real QSB fades on 80 and saw none of that on 160. The pile up on 80 was also much less organized than it was on 160...token jammers and such.

FYI, on 80 I use two phased 65' verticals and 1/4 wl spacing with a comtek box which was phased SW at Palmyra...I use those same two verticals (in phase currently) with base loading for 160...basically an OMNI on 160.  I'll change my phasing tonight that allows me to phase wither SW or NE and usually gets me a db or two toward the direction of interest.  Maybe tomorrow I can offer an update on the signals out of K5P vs SR times for the group.

Let's all support the guys who are making the K5P DXpedition a success...especially for us TBers.


Carl AG6X

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First night I heard K5P fine one a nice post S/R peak on TB 45 minutes after my SR.  Unfortunately the wall from the mainland was non-penetrable. I noticed from the prop chart that the operation doesn't see the wonderful opening I an other Caribbean stations would have from
9:00 to 10:00.  Even on 80 CW the ops did a great job an hour or so past my S/R.  I know they are concentrating on N/A and I shouldn't try to nudge them on an hour earlier.  But this is the constant dilemma with Pacific DX-peditions who watch the Sunrise-sunset charts as the boss.  I will also try the EU only attempts at their Sunset but the Euros have an even more difficult problem of only a few minute window at best.  If only they could stay on after the EU path is closed for a few minutes or in the alternative set the alarm clock and get one of the top band gurus to light up the path and forget those darn computer generate SR/SS charts for just a moment it would be great.

I am going again to the donation page to help a bit with the awesome expenses and put some money where my mouth is.

Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

On 1/14/2016 4:08 PM, Mike Waters wrote:
> Never mind. I just found a web site that said "Palmyra *Atoll*".
> All I have to do now is find your 160m  operating schedule, which so far
> escapes my searches and browsing.
> 73, Mike
> On Thu, Jan 14, 2016 at 1:46 PM, Mike Waters <mikewate at> wrote:
>> Milt, are you on a DXpedition operating from Palmyra in Syria?! Of all the
>> places!
>> I should switch my antenna back to 160m and see if we can work you.
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