Topband: Strange propagation

john w8wej at
Thu Jan 14 17:28:08 EST 2016

you know,,,at 74 if I need something that bad,,, I need to re-evaluate 
my priorities,,,   what ever I work will be from my home , or my farm, 
32 miles away  I am very fortunate to have both and a basic station   
station at both,, in person
on site
,,, I understand folks in apartments etc,,, but for those folk who , in 
my opinion work  stuff via  what ever cost and remote coast to coast   
is just plain wrong-- arrl need to look at the entire ethics again. I 
know = dollars
for years I was a very hard hunter of game,,, but I never took any thing 
that would not go to some one  to eat.. In the total scheme of things  
trophies and certificates are just that ,,, nothing more , nothing less
just saying
as for me , Ill work what I can from home and at my farm,,, in person, 
on site,, -- again I am not  slamming  anyone from an apartment or place 
that they  can not put up an antenna, who I do slam is the folks that 
will work em at any cost and who  already have substantial stations
dx is
what I have written I have written
done now   73 john w8wej
On 1/14/2016 9:28 PM, Dave Blaschke, w5un wrote:
> Look at the situation; There are just a few stateside RHR for rent 
> locations. As more and more "hams" begin to use these sites to work 
> DXpeditions, the queue length to access one of these sites will 
> become  hopeless long. JUST A THOUGHT.
> Dave, W5UN
> On 1/14/2016 6:33 PM, Herbert Schoenbohm wrote:
>> I have lost my amateur station in three major hurricanes over the 
>> years here, everything including radios (from water) and antennas. I 
>> have also rebuilt them a four different locations until I finally 
>> scrapped enough money together and bought a home next to a large salt 
>> pond. I have full remote station here but it only functions for 
>> contest operated by a cliff dweller in NYC who cares not for DXCC 
>> credit.  The problem with the US RHR deals is that it completely 
>> skews the process as far as the propagation differences across the 
>> fruited plan.  I would love to add to my DXCC totals as I close into 
>> the 300 mark.  USA stations can do this but is it ethical.  It sure 
>> makes money for a pay to play amateur radio scheme. But is it the way 
>> you want low band Dx-ing to become?  I hope not as you only will need 
>> a computer and an internet connection and everything else that used 
>> to a worthwhile effort is trashed.
>> I remember a former 160 meter DX pioneer, Charles O'Brien who 
>> originally from Illinois used a 1/4 wave bent Marconi and 25 watts to 
>> work a G station.  This is what we are or what we used to be. RHR I 
>> am afraid is the end of an era were perseverance and not vast amounts 
>> of  QRO muscle and money decided who was on top. That is a shame and 
>> perhaps to some a disgrace as it really chances everything including 
>> the respect we have for those who did so much with so little.`
>> Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ
>> On 1/14/2016 12:43 AM, Dave Blaschke, w5un wrote:
>>> I will say this:
>>> operating a remote station (for money) owned and managed by someone 
>>> else will never be as satisfying as operating your own station, 
>>> built by your hands. But than again, if you have no station, and are 
>>> unable to build one up, what's your choice? I built (and rebuilt) a 
>>> beautiful station and antenna system here over the past fifteen 
>>> years, only to see much of it destroyed by storms in recent years. 
>>> Now I am unable to rebuild anymore.
>>> Dave, W5UN
>>> On 1/14/2016 2:26 AM, Carl Luetzelschwab wrote:
>>>> Ed N1UR said "It seems non-trivial to me as to how to maintain 
>>>> these remote
>>>> stations."
>>>> My guess is it was someone using the Portland, OR station in the 
>>>> Remote Ham
>>>> Radio network ( The 
>>>> stations
>>>> are available for a price.
>>>> I don't know whose actual station that is - but I'm sure it is 
>>>> someone's
>>>> home station (just like all the others in the network).
>>>> Carl K9LA
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