Topband: Strange propagation

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Larry, You are entitled to your opinion.  I can see your point.  But don't blame the RHR guys.  I would blame those who you think should not be getting credit and do.  I'll bet some hams use RHR and they don't care about awards, they just want to operate ham radio because MAYBE they can't otherwise.

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> The ethics of the whole thing has already been settled by the ARRL so
ethics don't have to be looked at.

Actually the ARRL didn't do squat about ethics. They left the "ethics" up to
the operator. You are confusing "rules" with "ethics". There is a difference
between what is permitted and what is moral/ethical. Adultery is not a crime
in most industrialized countries. It is not a crime in 29 of the US states.
It is "legal" -- but ask your spouse whether they think it is cheating.

Larry K5RK

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