Topband: Strange propagation

Kris Mraz n5kilomike at
Thu Jan 14 20:19:15 EST 2016

Which brings to mind another issue: 160m card checkers will disallow a
card if the
DX QSO occurred in the middle of the day since the path would be impossible.
Can't make that assumption, anymore.

Kris N5KM

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More than once I have worked some Ukraine station in the 160 meter
contest at S9 plus when it is broad daylight in UB5. Obviously they
are operating a remote station. Guess I need to log them, Ha.

The kicker is when i receive a QSL card direct and they expect a return.

Yes I understand the need to integrate modern technology into ham
radio. Remote stations,
remote receiving locations etc. My opinion is that if you cant operate
from your physical location for what ever the reason then try another

Happy new year!


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