Topband: Strange propagation

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Thu Jan 14 20:40:35 EST 2016

Larry, et al,

I am a 160 card checker, and I damn well DO check the times!  I'm sorry 
to report that I have found cases where "impossible" QSOs were claimed, 
and reported them to the mother ship in Newington.  I would sincerely 
hope that my colleagues would do the same.

Mike Cizek WØVTT

On 14-Jan-16 19:35, Larry Burke wrote:
> I was specifically told by one checker that he doesn't even check the time
> of a Topband QSO. Go figure.
> Larry K5RK
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> Which brings to mind another issue: 160m card checkers will disallow a card
> if the DX QSO occurred in the middle of the day since the path would be
> impossible.
> Can't make that assumption, anymore.
> Kris N5KM
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