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Tom hits some excellent points here. How is the RHR issue any different than 
say the owner of a "big gun" station allowing others to come over an operate 
using their callsigns for DXCC? I know of one instance years ago and the 
station owner who is now an SK ran his stacked monobanders driven by an 
IC781  and a 3CX3000 amp-do we really think he was even running legal limit? 
He showed me one time when his rig pegged a 5kw slug like nothing. At one 
time this individual did a stint on the DX advisory Board.  I do not agree 
with this methodology nor the RHR thing for awards but I am not going to let 
it upset the state of my digestion. If it is such an issue then it seems it 
comes down to the ARRL trying to change it they receive another flack about 
it. As amateurs I think we can only do what we think is right regardless of 
what someone else does-particularly since as Tom pointed out the station 
licenses were done away with.

Steve, WD8NPL

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>I can't be 100% sure but I think this will all wash down to the fact that 
>stations are no longer licensed and the control operator is fully 
>responsible.  And I do believe that is the case.  RHR has lawyers on 
>retainer and I'm sure this has been legally looked at.  I can get the 
>ruling they go by.

This all comes up every time with this subject. I don't know why people have
such a difficult time remembering it. Like politics today, we can't let
facts get in the way of hyperbole. It is also more fashionable to hate and
complain than offer any viable solution. It is always all about the insults
instead of solutions..

Starting way back about 35 years ago, we no longer had station licenses. We
no longer had to sign mobile, tell the FCC where we were at if out of local
district, and no longer had to sign portable. Station licenses were gone as
long as we were in the continental USA.  The license is with the control op.

About the same time, location or station for DXCC also changed and did not
matter. DXCC went with the call, not the location.

It was also never illegal to make money from property in a station, it was
only illegal to charge for the service of communication or use
communications to augment business communications. People have been renting
stations and equipment for years and years, and people have "made money"
since the very first copper wire was sold.

The proper way to handle this, if people disagree with the rules, is to work
to have the rules changed. I would suggest, however, things get thought
through very carefully. It would be very easy to kill or seriously damage
the hobby with poor changes.

It seems to me the real problem is people want an award for DXCC
specifically to how they operate and live, and everyone has to fit that

To me, that makes absolute sense for three tiers.

1.) You cannot use a club station, you cannot move, you cannot phone a
friend. This would be a STATION and operator DXCC.

2.) DXCC to the station no matter who the op.

3.) DXCC to the no matter what the station. This is what we have now.

Instead of whining like two-year-olds about what the FCC rules are, because
the FCC will never roll back to making us have specific station locations,
the real solution is in what the DXCC rules are. The award rules will not be
changed here, and it is very unlikely the ARRL with yank DXCC's from people
who have worked DX from more than one location, so the best approach would
be a new DXCC with all contacts allowed from one location, where it is the
licensee's station and operating.

73 Tom

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