Topband: strange propagation

Mike Waters mikewate at
Fri Jan 15 13:15:01 EST 2016

On Fri, Jan 15, 2016 at 11:38 AM, Tom W8JI <w8ji at> wrote:

> My belief is the real hobby for some is being unhappy with not being in
> charge of everyone else. They don't want the problem fixed, because then
> they would have nothing to get all stirred up about.


A mere seven days ago, people were fussing and moaning about the Stew Perry
contest. I got fed up with it and posted the following. You decide if it
applies here: :-)

  ENOUGH of this silly bickering!
  Ham radio is supposed to be FUN! (Remember that? You know, where we
smile, and get a warm fuzzy feeling? :-)
  Instead, some curmudgeons chose to pout, frown, fume and fulminate --and
attempt to share their misery with as many others as possible-- over things
that are *NEVER *going to change.

At least they're not going to change by posting here. Or Or

And amazingly, even on the ARRL forum. Long story, but I heard this from an
ARRL employee. He went on to say that ARRL management (at least some, he
didn't say) weren't computer literate and didn't read the ARRL forum or
email. If you want things changed, you need to contact your section manager
(or was it the division director?), period. NOT anyone at ARRL HQ in
Newington, CT, but a ham who lives somewhere else. As unbelievable as that
might sound, it's been that way since before hams used vacuum tubes!

Sorry for being so negative.

73, Mike

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