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Fri Jan 15 14:35:45 EST 2016

For those who forgot how to deal with subscribing or unsubscribing - here
is the place to look:

As far as moderating - I don't pretend to have the bandwidth to properly
moderate this list.  That is why I have been able to do this job for as
long as I have.  I do step in and moderate occasionally - when I feel it is

It is an easy thing to realize that some topics are not going to be
interesting to everyone.  Also - some people will have a different level of
interest in any given topic - and those who want to carry the subject
forward might not be appreciated when someone else is "done" with the

I think some good comes out of hashing over changes to our hobby due to
technology - such as the RHR topic.  However, I do challenge each of you to
think about what you are posting and see if you really are moving the
subject forward - or are just rehashing known issues.

The fact that someone who operates from the USA without indicating that in
their callsign is just stupid on their part - and illegal - immoral and
just not nice.  This isn't something we should debate.  I think Herb could
have been more clear about the circumstances around this QSO.

Some people are put off by the whole idea of renting a station - especially
when it is used to in another part of the country.  I could say I am put
off that W4ZV used to live in Colorado and now is on the East coast and
counts countries from both places.  It's the same issue - just made easier
by the availability of RHR stations.  We all get to decide how we want to
play the game - and it isn't going to be "right" for everyone.  Just live
and let live and don't get your panties in a wad because someone else
decides to play the game using different rules.  I know my 160 meter DXCC
is all from Oregon - with antennas I built myself - but some of them are
using remote technology.  I also see that some other people in Oregon count
countries where about half of the QSO takes place a chat page.  To each
their own.  Not my cup of tea.

AND PLEASE sign each of your messages with your callsign.  Don't make me
ask twice - oh wait - you just did.  It just annoys some people - and I
think it is a nice courtesy.  THANKS!!!! (Why do I have to ask twice?)

73 Tree N6TR

On Fri, Jan 15, 2016 at 11:23 AM, Mort <mort.g2jl at> wrote:

> "...If you don't like the topic and don't like the delete key, you can
> always unsubscribe ..."
> How does one do that ?  I can't find out how to unsubscribe.
> 73  -  Mort,  G2JL
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