Topband: Strange propagation

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I was lucky enough to visit W1BB in person back in the early 1970's.  I got
to see his home station and the famous water tower station.  As I recall the
two stations were a bit further apart than walking distance, unless you
didn't mind walking a lot.  We drove there from his home.

I'm almost certain that all of his serious DXing was done from the water
tower location.  He also had a 160m station at his home, but it was on a
very small urban lot and as I recall, he had only a low dipole up for 160m

Whenever I heard him operating from the water tower site, he would sign
W1BB/1 to indicate portable operation but I guess that was required back

73, John W1FV

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You could look at this in another way. 

Wasn't W!BB's location a the Water Tower an early form of RHR, except that
he walked to the remote site instead of operating remotely.

Does anyone know if Stew made his DXCC solely from the Water tower site?

Did anyone else ever operate from the Water tower site?

Mike N2MS

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