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Fri Jan 15 16:58:19 EST 2016

I'm with Ron one this. I don't care in the slightest what someone else uses to work a station. If it's legal, go for it. I worked my 146 on Topband from my own QTH. My station is always going forward with improvements and continues to gradually get better.
And this argument that "this will be the end of ham radio as we know it", I've been hearing that tired phrase since the late 60's. Memory keyers, incentive licensing, computers & packet radio, skimmers, etc. have all been touted as going to "ruin" ham radio. I'm on the air every day and still having fun, after 53 years. I don't think it been ruined at all. It has changed, just like everything else. I think that a lot of the new technology is great.

My DXCC is not diminished in the slightest (in my mind) by whatever equipment setup someone else used to work a new one. More power to them.
My 2 cents...
73, Stew K3ND

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I don't get it. WHY do you care? How does what the operators that use
them do  affect you? How does it affect your ability to work a
station? What possible difference does it make in how you use this
hobby? If the operators beat you in a contest so what? YOU know what
you did and how you did it and should take pride in YOUR success.

For me, this is a HOBBY. It should be fun! I find enjoyment in my
operating successes. If someone with a better station, like W8JI or
W4ZV, work DX I can't hear I don't get upset with them. I wonder how I
can improve MY station to be better.

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