Topband: Strange propagation

Louis Parascondola gudguyham at
Fri Jan 15 17:59:16 EST 2016

My friend is a Dutch Nobleman but it means nothing here in the US.

That is currently not possible from where I am sitting and I demand the 

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Can they add /RHR or such please?
So I can choose if  I want to make this kind of QSO.

BTW, I require a remote solution for climbing Everest or participate in Car 
That is currently not possible from where I am sitting and I demand the 

73 Mark, PA5MW

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From: Louis Parascondola via Topband
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When a ham  operates a remote station using his call sign that is within the 
continental US, it makes no difference. If a ham is operating at an 
alternate QTH he does not have to sign/X any longer.  Those days are gone. 
SO even if you look him up it does not mean he is at that location.  The rub 
comes in when you want credit for an award like WAS, so what credit do you 
get?  I suppose he needs to know where the station is located so he can 
write it on a QSL card for your credit.

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This is a BIG issue to grapple with.  It would make sense to me that a
callsign transmitted over the air should correspond to a station location
in a publically viewable registry and if the location of the transmission
deviates, the callsign needs to append /XX to reflect the station location.

73, Barry N1EU

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