Topband: Topband Strange Propagation

Jim Murray adkmurray at
Sat Jan 16 01:40:37 EST 2016

I don't want to start another "run" here but I was a bit disturbed last night after deciding to try for a new one, K5P.  Guys all over the DX transmitting freq and one who must have fallen asleep with his finger on the send button.  He must have sent his call sign for over a minute.  I sent my call a couple of times but any possible return would have been covered by callers.  So much for that.  I don't get on as much lately with a shaky fist etc. and spend most time working on improvements but I can recall not to long ago that when a dx station was on 160 everyone would shut up when he picked a call.  One of the reasons I liked the "Gentleman's Band".  Seems to be a lot more people getting on 160 now I guess.
On Fri,1/15/2016 5:50 AM, Tom W8JI wrote:
> I hate to see Hams, who generally used to be higher than average 
> intelligence, 

Did you never listen to 75M as a kid? Have you listened recently? 30 
minutes in either error should correct that false impression. :)

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