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Hi Lou,

Tonight I will expand my sweep of the area with the portable radio.


N2TK, Tony


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The timing seems to indicate a dusk to dawn auto light.  Mine makes terrible RFI.  You could easily miss a backyard light of this sort by a neighbor.


Lou W1QJ

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I have a new RFI problem. It starts somewhat before sunset and lasts until
right after sunrise, 7 days a week.

It has three frequency peaks - 1817.8, 1825.5, 1828.9 MHZ in the lower part
of 160M. The bandwidth of the worst one is from 1.824.5 - 1826.1. It has a
raspy sound to it. 

I have the general direction so will be taking a walk with a portable radio
tuned to 1825.5.

It does not seem to be an external night light as none come on this early in
the area that I could find so far.

Very little signal on the second harmonic 3.651. Similar sounds in the same
direction but not as strong on 1753, 1760, 1764, 1782, 1871, 1883, 1890,
1902, 1948. Don't know if these are related the ones on the low end of 160M.

Any ideas what may generate RF at these frequencies that can help me to
shorten my search?


N2TK, Tony

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