Topband: K5P 160m run

Sat Jan 16 10:09:55 EST 2016

What a run K5P has had on 160 the last 2 nights!  I run an inverted L  with 
the vertical portion up 65" and 90 radials of which 60 are 120'.  It's  not 
a bad Tx ant, but not so hot on Rx, and I need a bit better Wx to put up 
the  Hi-Z array I bought.  I usually hear stations in the pacific for 30- 60 
min  before my sunrise here in the black hole of DX in southern Michigan and 
they are  only workable for 15-30 min.  These guys were workable for hours 
prior to  my sunrise (worked them @ 0530 EST, 1030Z, 2.5h before sunrise, 550 
W) and  I heard them for an hour after when most stations fade within 
minutes after  sunrise.  Impressive.

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