Topband: strange propagation

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Sat Jan 16 13:32:11 EST 2016

Amen Howard...The reflectors are great as a lot of us learn quite a bit. The 
line gets crossed when it becomes a " I can urinate farther than you can" 
event. I think some could check their egos and if there is a difference of 
opinion try to remember this is a hobby instead of castigating the 
originating party. Personally I think Tom has added untold experience here 
and his absence only hurts what the reflectors are intended for.

Steve, WD8NPL

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I have followed with some interest. Early posts had some merit but it soon 
turns into a free for all. I have had my own thoughts for many years but 
thought this was not the forum to express them since it serves little 
purpose. My feeling is the forum should be for technical information or 
questions. No doubt that amateur radio is keeping up with other forms of 
dissonance in our society. I hope we can return to the spirit of amateur 
radio and Tom continues to join us.


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On Jan 16, 2016, at 1:10 PM, Pete Smith N4ZR <n4zr at> wrote:

> By all means, please don't leave, Tom.  Until recently, this sort of junk 
> stayed on CQ-Contest.  Perhaps we can give it the cold shoulder and it'll 
> wither away.  This is still the place I look to for serious discussion of, 
> among other topics, low-band verticals and receiving antennas.
> 73, Pete N4ZR
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>> On 1/16/2016 8:52 AM, Louis Parascondola via Topband wrote:
>> Tom, by you leaving would just fuel the egos of those VERY few who want 
>> to stir up trouble.  If we get off the discussion things should return to 
>> normal.  I am done with the RHR discussion.  When it was a healthy 
>> discussion where sensible arguments were presented I see no problem, but 
>> when it gets boiled down to comparing them with the  guy who pumped the 
>> price of the drug that is the toilet and that's where it will end.  I'm 
>> sure others will feel the same.  Hang in there.
>> Lou W1QJ
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>> This reflector has gone down the toilet with personal BS that serves no
>> purpose except to pick fights.
>> After 20 years, I'm leaving it.It sure went down the tubes.
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>>> That was not nice.
>>> Lou W1QJ
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>>> Sounds a lot like the RHR folks!
>>>> A friend of mine at the Georgia State Public Service Training Center
>>>> (right
>>>> down my street) says this social trend, made pandemic through Internet,
>>>> has
>>>> even been assigned a name now. It is called Homogeneous Clustering. 
>>>> This
>>>> is
>>>> where groups of people cluster together and invent their own reality,
>>>> feed off
>>>> each other's emotions, and dismiss anyone outside their group as a
>>>> problem and
>>>> dishonest.
>>>> 73 Tom
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