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Mike Smith VE9AA ve9aa at
Sat Jan 16 15:10:33 EST 2016

Interesting topic(s) and I told myself I wouldn't comment. (but I will
anyways, hi !)


The one and only issue I have with RHR is when an IT9 station (or anyone
outside the lower 48) is using a USA remote and not signing /W4, /W1, /W6

No amount of arguing can explain how that is right.(or probably legal).  I
am trying to setup a very small remote station so I can control my 100w and
vertical stn when I am away from home, working late, coffee breaks or
whatever.  Will I succeed? Don't know yet, but I doubt anyone will care if I
am 25kms away from my rig.  If I was working JA's from a big W7 remote and
signing my home call of VE9AA I would expect that others would not find that



I have known folks with 5kW 6m amps and if they work a new one before me, so
what - they had to cheat and have to try and sleep at night and look at that
guy in mirror every morning.  I have come to accept that no matter if DXing,
contesting or awards chasing, others will always find a loophole or "cheat"
and exploit it, be it illegal, immoral, ethical or whatever.  It will
happen.  Until it affects me in some way, live and let live.



W1QJ is indeed a good guy.  He did over my SB-220 into a 6m amp and made a
few small cosmetic changes at no extra charge.


Although I don't always agree with W8JI, I would be sorry to see him go.
(so please don't)


I still find 160m and 6m to be much more gentlemanly and cordial than the
other bands.  Out of 200+ msg's, I find the overwhelming majority to be
civil.  Let's keep 160 (and 6 !) that way.


73 de Mike VE9AA, dit dit



Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB


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