Topband: Palmyra cursed paradise (K5P)

Doug Turnbull turnbull at
Sat Jan 16 16:25:00 EST 2016

Dear OMs and Yls,
     The following link was posted me by Don EI6IL and tells a very
interesting story of woe and murder on Palmyra Island going back to the very
discovery of the atoll.    Slightly off topic but many of us have illusions
of working K5P so this may be of interest and also add a bit of spice.   The
cursed paradise is a good read:

      Yes EU feels the W6 pain this time and the poor cousins of EI in DL
and I lands are even worse off than in EI for K5P.   At least the EI path is
over ocean and tundra rather than thousands of fellow hams.

       Good hunting.
                 73 Doug EI2CN

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