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My recollection is that as recently (?) as 1960 I held both an Operator license and a separate Station license. 

The first authorized me to operate a licensed Station and the second licensed a Station that could be run by those with Operator's licenses. 

Licensed Operators with could use the Station within the limits of their Operator license. 

If I was present, unlicensed persons could operate and those with lesser Operator privileges could operate. But I had to turn the Transmitter on and off and be present while the licensed Station was used. 

The arrival of VOX SSB in the 1960's caused the 'control' function to be revised to reflect the current technology and operating practices. 

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> I /think/ I understand your point and question. If I recall, didn't we have to send our call as a / (stroke) suffix after the lower class call?  That's what I recall anyway. Anyone else with better memory, jump in.
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