Topband: K5P good job!

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If the op gives in to the pummeling then even worse chaos generally ensues. 
Of course, trying to hold out kills the rate. The op may have "heard" a call 
that really wasn't there or a station that finally just fell out of the 
propagation range.  It's a challenge to decide when to abandon a call and to 
go on.

73, Larry  W6NWS
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If the DX said WB6Z? I certainly wouldn't call.  Full credit to the K5P op
who tried to stick with it til he figured the original caller wasn't hearing
him or they were getting pummeled so badly from calls not even close to the
original, that he moved on.  Rate is king when time is limited.(dxpeditions
only have so many days)

gah !

Mike VE9AA


Mike, you're quite right.  There seems to be a real epidemic of those 
constantly calling out-of-turn (COOTs??) lately, and there's no question 
Q-rates are suffering as a result of this senseless (and now seemingly 
pervasive) QRM.  There's no rational excuse for it.

Both yesterday and this morning I heard many more than a few "easy" Qs fail 
to go to completion when K5P diligently and accurately tried to reply to 
callers who responded with nothing more than relentless repetitions of their 
calls.  Apparently you did , too.



Mark -- WA9ETW
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