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Tue Jan 19 19:30:52 EST 2016

My two cents (probably worth one cent):

You best shot to hear VP8 will be at their sunrise.  I think that is around
0600Z - so I think listening for an hour before that would be smart.  When
I worked ZD7 - I heard no thing except right at their sunrise.  My VP8SGP
QSO on 160 meters was on Jan 15th - at 0606Z.

I have never heard LP on 160 meters.  If it does happen - it is certainly
rare and I wouldn't expect it without very low sunspot numbers. So - I
would look for them to come in from the Southeast for you.

It sounds like they have been struggling with some issues - and getting on
160 meters will be low in the priority list compared to the other bands.
Hopefully - they will work through their issues and get on 160 meters.

Probably their signal will hang in longer after sunrise on 80 meters than
160 - but in general it will be similar.

Good luck!!

Tree N6TR/7

On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 4:13 PM, Art Snapper <art at> wrote:

> After several years on TB, I sort of understand that from my QTH in
> Michigan, the Caribbean, and Europe are best heard in the evening.
> The Pacific and Asia come in best in the morning.
> When will the VP8 DXpedition come in the best?
> Should I be looking at LP, SP, or no path?
> Are there similarities to 80 meter propagation?
> 73,
> Art NK8X
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