Topband: VP8STI 160 Meter Path

Joel Harrison w5zn at
Thu Jan 21 00:15:09 EST 2016

Tonight on 160 VP8STI had a good signal. Here in Arkansas their signal
arrived from the NE from around 0115z until around 0200z peaking around 5
dB above my noise floor. Around 0200z they went "QRX" for a few minutes.
When they returned their sig was much weaker and finally faded.

As the evening went on their sig returned around 0330z here and was in and
out of the noise, still peaking to the NE and somethings shifting E to SE.
Right About a half hour before their SR the signal peaked to the SE and
remained their until they faded into the sunrise.

Best signal level here was 10 dB above my noise floor.

Just wanted to pass that on for the folks (K9LA, W4ZV, etc) that keep
track of these paths for us.

73 Joel W5ZN

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