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Thu Jan 21 10:57:46 EST 2016

VP8STI was solid copy in Maryland -- 559 to 579 -- from the 
Southeast from 0000Z to about 0110Z. Dimi was working only 
Europe until about 0045Z, He worked dozens of North Americans 
from about 0045Z to just before 0110Z. 

H is signal dropped significantly and copy was much more difficult 
after about 0110Z when propagation switched mostly to the south 
and Dimi started working only Europe. I stopped listening after 
about 0130Z. DX Summit and ON4KST shows that he worked 
many North Americans during the three hour period from just 
before 0230Z to just after 0530Z. 

As usual, policemen caused much more QRM than the -- all too 
frequent, but brief -- errors made by well known topband calls 
inadvertently transmitting on 1826.5 It would be much, much 
better if everyone resisted the urge to be a policeman. There was 
some deliberate QRM, but policemen only provide the feedback 
that encourages them to do it more. 

Good luck tonight! 


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Propagation was interesting. It felt a bit like being on 6 meters. N5DG, who 
is only 80 miles NW of me, and I had been listening most of the evening. At 
best we were hearing peeps. Then at 0336z Ed not only starts hearing him 
well, but logs him. Still nothing here. It's a full 20 minutes later before 
I heard and worked him. He came out of nowhere. Signals improved 
considerably after we worked, built to about 569 and stayed that way for at 
least the next 30 minutes. 

Ed and I experienced the same situation on 75 meters -- only they built to 
true 5x9 there. 

Like Joel, I tinkered with various directions. But they definitely peaked SE 
for me. Never heard much, if anything, in other directions. 

Larry K5RK 

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Not a peep from them all evening into New Mexico. Frustrating! 
Jim w8zr 

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> On Jan 21, 2016, at 5:54 AM, Joel Harrison <w5zn at> wrote: 
> Tonight on 160 VP8STI had a good signal. Here in Arkansas their signal 
> arrived from the NE from around 0115z until around 0200z peaking 
> around 5 dB above my noise floor. Around 0200z they went "QRX" for a few 
> When they returned their sig was much weaker and finally faded. 
> As the evening went on their sig returned around 0330z here and was in 
> and out of the noise, still peaking to the NE and somethings shifting E to 
> Right About a half hour before their SR the signal peaked to the SE 
> and remained their until they faded into the sunrise. 
> Best signal level here was 10 dB above my noise floor. 
> Just wanted to pass that on for the folks (K9LA, W4ZV, etc) that keep 
> track of these paths for us. 
> 73 Joel W5ZN 
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