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Fri Jan 22 01:20:49 EST 2016

What I use here is relatively simple in hooking up the NCC-1 Phaser.  
The output on the unit,  of courses, goes to the radio and in my case 
since Icom w/o and external antenna port is use a DXE RTR-1A to provide 
the the RX/TX switching. (This also allows be to choose the TX antenna 
for RX with just a front panel switch.)  Now for the NCC-1 I feed 
....the Port "B" from my 12 position passive video switcher and put in 
port "A" the best and most favorable antenna for the occasion.  (My 900 
foot  West Beverage was used for K5P and my SE 600 foot Beverage was 
used for VP8STI on all bands from 160-30 Mhz)  This way my whole 
Beverage bank could be chosen as either the IX null antenna of the 
phased complimentary antenna depending on the circumstances.  With the 
"A" and "B" attenuation and the balance control on the front of the 
NCC-1  I can provide the unit with the equal levels.  I normally first 
use the phase control to null and then switch the phase control for a 
peak.  Just this evening on 40 meters with the DQRM on VP8STI (7150) 
coming from the mainland I could make it disappear and all that was left 
was Q5 copy on this very rare DX-Pedition.  Even on 3790 I was able to 
use both the SE and S Beverages to push VP8STI (Dave's K3LP) signal 
right out of the noise.

Normally when DX-Peditions or a new country are not the issue on 160 I 
run the Beverage bank straight through by turning off the power switch 
on the unit.  If I want to change the "preferred"  I use the push on 
type F connectors for the most favored antennas as this allows for a 
faster turn around. The unit also provides for RCA but since I used F 
connectors I prefer this.  My 12 channel passive switcher is a Panasonic 
push button type which terminates all unused feed lines in 75 ohms  I 
have used the Dynair as well but they have harder to push round old 
school buttons and the Panasonic requires less pressure to actuate.  I 
can also use the 12 positon selection to choose an antenna with the most 
QRN and then move to phase it down.  What is really nice about the NCC-1 
is the size of the phasing knob and the ease of the operation. That was 
never the case with my MFJ-1026.

I think now that I have found a way to make the performance on many 
Beverages even better on the low bands.

Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

On 1/21/2016 9:25 PM, Art Snapper wrote:
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> Is there any preferred method to allow an easy choice of multiple main and
> auxiliary antennas when using the phasing unit?
> I never quite figured that out with the 1026.  I envision ending up with
> something resembling a CATV headend.
> 73
> Art
> On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 7:36 PM, Herbert Schoenbohm <
> herbert.schoenbohm at> wrote:
>> I did reverse cables constantly on the MFJ but the operations was always
>> troublesome and time consuming with the 1026. The DXE NCC-1 operation is
>> smooth and with the large phasing know obtaining nulls on much more
>> reliable.  From what Ii have been to do with two major DX-peditions on 160
>> in phasing RX Beverages to me there is no comparison.  Although the NCC-1
>> is a bit expensive I have come to the conclusion that it is worth every
>> penny.
>> Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ
>> On 1/21/2016 6:35 PM, Mike Waters wrote:
>>> Thank you for sharing your experience, Herb. I have an MFJ-1025 but
>>> haven't used it since I moved to this QTH 11 years ago.
>>> However, it DID work very well for me in the past. Sometimes, to get it
>>> to null unwanted line noise, I had to reverse the cable connections, since
>>> the MFJ phase adjustment does NOT cover the full 360 degrees unless we do.
>>> Did you know about that? I don't recall if that was in the manual. Do you
>>> remember if you reversed the coax? Just trying to see of that might have
>>> been why there was such a tremendous improvement between the MFJ and the
>>> DXE product.
>>> 73, Mike
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>>> On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 3:12 PM, Herbert Schoenbohm <
>>> herbert.schoenbohm at <mailto:herbert.schoenbohm at>>
>>> wrote:
>>>      After nearly two years of trying to get some measurable
>>>      improvement with the MFJ-1026 noise cancelling box I finally gave
>>>      up and sold them on E-Bay and purchased a DX-Engineering NCC-1.
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