Topband: VP8STI Humor, Design engineer trauma

Lee STRAHAN k7tjr at
Sat Jan 23 13:56:05 EST 2016

   Well, it was not as if I did not know it was going to happen someday, I had remained pretty cheeky until this time. I had often knew it was sure to come. I have remained pretty self-content that I had invented the ultimate DX antenna for the state of Oregon. The Hi-Z 8A. In the hours that I had spent trying to work DX on 160 I had remained convinced that I could hear everything that anyone else in Oregon could hear. After all I had taken 5 years out of my early retirement life inventing surely in my mind the monster of all receiving antennas for 160. But it was last night the 22nd of January 2016 when I was finally humbled by my friend in Grants Pass Oregon some 225 highway miles Southwest of me.  I knew it was coming someday. I had my earphones plugged into to my trusty Orion 1 transceiver when I saw a post from my friend that he was hearing the VP8 very well and of all the nerve he was using one of my own antennas invented right here in this little town of 1360 people with no stop lights. Of all the nerve. Well I said to myself the VP8 will clear up here any moment. I listened and tuned the Old Orion, which by the way I still think is better at 160 than the K3, sure enough I could hear a character or 2 of the VP8. I listened and listened and it never got but little better. I called a few times when I was convinced I might just squeak through but alas I thought he may have come back to me but horrors, maybe I remain in the group reported to have been called and not heard. And so it is here on the morning of the 23rd I remain crushed by my own ego and at my own hand. Congratulations Rich K7ZV, I covet your mountain top location now because you have answered the question I have pondered for a long time. Now I am truly convinced that the mountain top locations really must be better on the low frequencies like 160. I am doubly crushed that it was one of my second tier designs that had whipped me so soundly. And so it is with my mind turning at top speed today, which one of my antennas or how many should I place at this 1250 foot peak just 2 miles due South of my QTH with NO power lines and would it be worth the effort. Hmmm of course it would after all I have what I read a long time ago on Tree's web stuff. I am inflicted, yes you guessed it the dreaded 160 disease. Hmmm wonder if I could hear 630 meters up there. So it is now I thank my friend Rich which took the smile off my face last eve and left me with Hmmm why not, that peak sure is appealing and it belongs to the Federal grass lands.  Surely I could get a grazing permit for some signal hungry aluminum  and inconvenienced electrons corralled in some suitable enclosures. I need to call my friend whom is a digital guy and pick his brain about wifi remoting. I gotta go guys, got lots to do to prepare for next year. Granted my health, I am in.

Congratulations to all whom have made it. I will try until they leave. It was better last night, surely it will be better tonight.

Lee  K7TJR   Central Oregon

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