Topband: VP8STI rumor

Gary Smith Gary at
Tue Jan 26 16:03:20 EST 2016

They're having one difficult time doing this DXpedetion. I'm going to 
add some extra when I do the OQSL, if that can't do the next stop at 
South Georgia, this is surely going to be a financial setback for 


Gary, KA1J

> *This is from NK8X*
> *NEWS UPDATE @ 21:20Z *- Nigel Jolly, Braveheart owner, *declared an
> emergency* and ordered the VP8STI team to cease all operations and return
> to the ship. A large ice flow that had broken away due to last night´s
> storm starts to block the entrance to the Bay where they were camped. There
> was strong potential for the ice flow to prevent Braveheart reaching  them.
> The Team is now safely aboard the Braveheart and they are moving away from
> Southern Thule Is. All equipment and personal gear is still on the island.
> They hope to return to camp site during next good weather window. Once they
> retrieve their equipment they could make a determination as to whether they
> can proceed to South Georgia to do VP8SGI as planned - *VP8STI QRT !*

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