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Dave Blaschke, w5un w5un at
Tue Jan 26 21:05:15 EST 2016

Jim, you are right. Lets support them with our $$$.

On 1/27/2016 1:09 AM, Jim Brown wrote:
> It may be quite a bit more than that. From the reports, their tents 
> got pretty beaten up by that storm. They are pretty light weight 
> tents, not designed to hold up to the wind. There may be other issues 
> with antennas and gear.
> It's our turn to patiently wait for their decision. In the meantime, 
> anyone feeling flush can go to their website and hit donate -- last I 
> looked, contributions have covered less than 75% of the costs they 
> projected at the beginning of the mission.
> 73, Jim K9YC
> On Tue,1/26/2016 3:43 PM, Herbert Schoenbohm wrote:
>> I have no idea what is going though the team leader's mind right now 
>> but I would imagine that they are considering such a venture if some 
>> of the team are just to fatigued by the incidents at Thule Island and 
>> want to scrub the remainder. I can hear Dima saying in his low 
>> guttural  voice "vell yust drop me off" and " I will finish the 
>> mission myself." Thousands of us will hit the donate button again to 
>> fund the return of Dima and anyone else who wants to join him on 
>> South Georgia back to Port Stanley. 
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