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It is not clear to me; can a low Power or QRP operator use a remote rx within 100km?

Mike N2MS

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Jorge, this new rule is for SINGLE OPERATOR ASSISTED ONLY.

Multi ops, single ops are not allowed to use remote rx.

For those of you that did not follow the thread, this was in response to
some stations that requested a compromise.
We decided to allow it only for assisted operation.
This rule mirrors exactly the accomodation made for the Stew Perry contest.

To clarify, web SDRs are OK if they are in the 100km radius. One and only
one receiver can be used.
Anyone caught using receivers outside of these limits will be subject to

Reminder: Single Op Assisted is HIGH POWER only.
Low power stations get listed together for this category only.

Have fun in the contest, let's hope for some good conditions!
BTW, the rule for 5 day submission of logs is not all that new.
Please email your cabrillo logs ASAP after the contest.

All the information can be found at

73, Andy N2NT
Director CQ160 Contest

On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 2:27 PM, Jorge Diez - CX6VM <cx6vm.jorge at>

> Hello,
> Just reading the rules, don`t like this, how they can control it?
> A new rule is added to allow the use of one and only one remote receiver
> located within 100KM of the main transmitter site. WebSDRs are OK, but must
> be located within the 100KM limit. The rule is designed to accommodate new
> technology, and for those who experience high noise levels at the
> transmitting site.
> Will not hurt nobody here, but for those that are playing for top scores
> maybe is a problem
> 73,
> Jorge
> 2016-01-27 14:51 GMT-03:00 Tree <tree at>:
> > Just a reminder that the biggest 160 meter contest is coming up this
> > weekend.  It starts at 2200 UTC on Friday and runs for 48 hours.
> >
> > Full rules can be found at  Exchange is RST and
> > your
> > QTH for US/VE stations.  For DX - it is RST + CQ zone.
> >
> > One fairly new rule is that logs need to be submitted within 5 days of
> the
> > end of the contest (unless you ask for a waiver).
> >
> > Hope conditions are good.  The VP8 operation will likely resume either
> > during or after the contest.  I remember working VP8ORK during the 2011
> CQ
> > 160 contest - so it is possible to work DX during this contest.  ;-)
> >
> > 73 Tree N6TR/7
> > Hillsboro, OR
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> 73,
> Jorge
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