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Guy Olinger K2AV k2av.guy at
Thu Jan 28 09:55:00 EST 2016

I seem to remember that someone mentioned the availability of an all copper
buriable RG6 type. I have an application that I want to do just once and
not have it start deteriorating right away. Cost does not matter. I've had
it permanently with cheep and do-overs. Does anyone actually make such or
is that just one of those wish-it-were-true pseudo memories?

Does anyone know the brand, product identification, and seller of an RG6
form 75 ohm cable that is PE jacketed, double copper foil shielded, solid
copper center center conductor and flooded. Teflon dielectric would be a

Any leads that will get me in that direction greatly appreciated.

73, Guy K2AV

On Thursday, January 28, 2016, Craig Clark <jcclark at> wrote:

> I have been buying my coax from Satellite TV/Internet suppliers.
> The brands I have been buying have a solid copper center, not Cu clad
> steel,
> which is better when feeding voltage down the line.
> The outer cover is Polyethylene not PVC which is a softer plastic.
> It comes either as a single cable which I use to feed my Hi-Z array
> or dual which I have been using for My KD9SV bi-directional Beverages.
> 73 Craig K1QX
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