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Doug Renwick ve5ra at
Thu Jan 28 21:26:54 EST 2016

I cleaned the gophers out a few years back and they haven't returned.  I do
get chew marks on the RG6 from I am not sure ... weasel, skunk, badger.  I
wrap the chewed area with electricians tape and am good to go again.
Sometimes the RG6 is chewed so bad that a small section needs to be cut out.
A couple of fittings on each end, a double female, fusion tape followed by
electricians tape and it is all fixed.  When a section gets too many fixes,
chuck it and replace with new.  At $25CAD/1000ft the cost is minimal.


I wasn't born in Saskatchewan, but I got here as soon as I could.

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Hi Doug, You must have the gophers trained out there!Jeff VE3CV

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