Topband: CQWW and first 160 contacts

Katz Ajamas ajamas.rn at
Sun Jan 31 11:21:30 EST 2016

Thanks to k8jq, w4pjw, wd8dsb, k9xw, k1gu, k9ay, w9sn, w4pm,w3so, k8gg,
k5lg, n4pn, aa0rs, k1lt, n0ni, c6agu, w5mx, nr4m, k4bai, k3zo, wa5pok,
w0tt, w9sn, k0di
for digging out my weak signal between about 1140 and 1350.

This is the first time I've heard anyone on 160 aside from W1AW code
practice and some phone guys who are there almost every morning. Turned the
radio on after morning walk and urban RF noise was much lower than usual.

Setup? About 40W (SWR limited TenTec Eagle) to a 80m vertical plane loop,
fed in the middle of one of it's two 35' sides via the internal tuner and
about 50' of ladder line. Now,  I'll have to assemble a REAL 160m TX

73, bob ah7i/w4

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