Topband: CW160 Speaking of QRP...And spotlighting...

Jim F. j_fitton at
Sun Jan 31 15:50:14 EST 2016

Had gum surgery on Friday and was tired but managed to get on the air QRP for a few hours Saturdaybut could not work many stations from my S4 noise condo Inv. L with a poor radial system. Enjoyed working KA1J who was also QRP and a nice surprise was C6AGU who briefly was ~S8 
calling CQ with no takers and responded on the first call and believe it was "spotlighting" , an effect 
discussed before on this list. PJ2T, KV4FZ, KP4J, and a 4V Haiti station were weak and could not hear my calls.  
N0NI in IA was the furthest station west and must have great receiving antennas.
 Thanks to all who picked my 5 watt signal out of the din !
Jim  - W1FMR   NH


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On Sun,1/31/2016 11:12 AM, Eric NO3M wrote:
> This past morning, loudest I've ever heard Jim's QRP on 160 that I can 
> recall.  Easy ragchew level.

Thanks for the report, Eric. Other than our QSO, the propagation gods 
were not smiling -- I was shut out last night east of AR, where WD5R 
heard me.

Thanks to AA4V tried to hear me, but didn't.

73, Jim K9YC
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