Topband: ARRL DX Phone Contest

Doug Ellmore doug at
Wed Mar 2 14:09:43 EST 2016

Given personal commitments for the weekend, I was considering operating the
ARRL DX contest 160m single band.

Given the recent discussion regarding the CQ 160m contest, I downloaded a
Top Ban World Allocations worksheet at

Given, the discussion, it looks like the place to be would be
              1.843-1.850 for much of the dx,

              1.830 to 2.000 for other DX.

As was discussed previously, makes for a small amount of spectrum for a
single band 160m contest.

But, please look for me.  I am starting to operate more on 160m for DXCC.
I will have an Inverted L and likely another TX antenna.  I hope to have a
BOG or two and maybe a K9AY deployed again.


Doug NA1DX
doug at

Computer Scientists do precision guess work based on unreliable data
provided by those of questionable knowledge.

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