Topband: Spring Stew Perry in a few more days

Bill Cromwell wrcromwell at
Wed Mar 2 20:26:45 EST 2016

Hi Jim,

Thanks. I started getting RF power out on transmit! I still have a lot 
to do. It's rude and crude! I spent enough time with the scope and 
generator today that as soon as I had some RF out of it I quit for the 
day. Staying at it too long leads to mistakes and frustration :)

Alignment, balancing, phasing are next. And oh by the way - nice to have 
some idea of operating frequency. The dial still needs repair. I can 
tell when I'm inside the ham band but more precision than that - not yet.


Bill  KU8H

On 03/02/2016 01:37 PM, James Rodenkirch wrote:
> I'll be lookin' for ya as a QRP contestant, Bill....GL getting that Atlas up and runnin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> 71.5/72 de Jim R. K9JWV

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