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IV3PRK at HC1PF with the help of friends  proved with extensive research and modeling,  that a BOG antenna is a tuned circuit not a traveling wave antenna. 
Please see the IV3PRK   research and modeling links at the bottom of my BOG antenna page   www.bogantennanotes.html,html


The Bog is a travel wave antenna, and it is based on the difference in velocity on the ground and on the wire, it does not interact or deteriorate with other vertical structures like the flags. The SAL antenna is really a K9AY very complicated but same directivity and RDF, the TX antenna does deteriorate the pattern and you can’t see the same reduction in signal to noise ratio because the REAL RDF is no longer the same as the CALCULATED RDF. The BoG performance is more predictable, like the beverages and the real RDF is close to calculated RDF. 

The idea was to quantity what directivity can do for you in practical DXing. 


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