Topband: 160M 8 Circle Array for transmit

cqtestk4xs at cqtestk4xs at
Fri Mar 4 14:28:17 EST 2016

This may be a little off topic, but it's close.

Height limitations at my new QTH for only one tower which can be no taller than 90 feet.   It will be festooned with lots of tribanders etc.  However, in the past I've always used loops on 80 since my towers were so tall and they performed quite well.  However, I am considering a four square for 80.  One issue concerns me.  I know that the ideal location is on totally flat ground.  Out in KH6 that is not a reality.  On the site I have a fairly flat location considering it is in KH6.  The slope is even and slopes about five feet in one direction, due north.  Any thoughts as to any problems with the slope?   My gut feeling is it may be slightly enhanced in that direction, since it is about one mile from the ocean and the elevation of the QTH is 1100 feet....quite a drop.

Also I would like any thoughts as to the best commercial system setup to use with the four square.

Thanks for the help.


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