Topband: Low band antenna project questions

NC3Z Gary nc3z at
Mon Mar 7 10:28:08 EST 2016

That is the highest I can get support for. I am in far eastern NC and 
right on the sound where we get hurricanes and nor'easters so I am not 
putting up the towers I had at the old QTH.

Gary Mitchelson
NC3Z/4 Pamlico County, NC FM15

On 07-Mar-16 09:49, Robert Harmon wrote:
> Gary,
> Are you restricted to 50 feet high max ?
> Bob
> K6UJ
> On 3/7/16 5:50 AM, NC3Z Gary wrote:
>> OK, still working on my permanent low band antenna and what I can fit
>> for an effective antenna. The space I have is a recently cleared forest
>> area. I had originally considered a full size loop but the best I could
>> do is 50' high, although that would be a bit higher than my temporary
>> dipole it is not much in the scheme of things. And I keep getting talked
>> out of it.

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