Topband: 160M vertical on sloping land

N2TK, Tony tony.kaz at
Mon Mar 7 14:22:30 EST 2016

At KP2M we have a FCP inv-L for 160M. This has improved our signal from the
sloping dipole we originally had up. The land has a steep downward slope
towards the north, about 45 degrees. The vertical is about 30’ above an
elevated feed about 10’ above the ground. The L portion goes up the hill to
a tower.

>From the vertical, EU is about 45 degrees and the USA is about 345 degrees.
The vertical is about 140’ above sea level and about ½ mile or so from the


This island is all rock. It is the only island in the Leewards that Is not
volcanic in origin.


Thinking about replacing the two legs of the FCP with radials. Can only have
lengths about 35’ or so.  The thought was to either lay them on the ground
or elevate them. Probably will need to add a coil between the joining of the
radials and the coax shield. Figure on adding some ferrite cores and wrap
several turns of coax through it at the feedpoint. Was thinking about using
4-6 radials since they are so short and fanning them from the west to the
east. Was not planning on radials behind the vertical towards the south as
there is a very high hill directly behind the house to the south.


Has anyone done any modeling of something like this and/or had experience
with our dilemma?


Tnx for any feedback


N2TK/NP2, Tony


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